Thursday, April 3, 2014


Easter Gift bags | Polkadot Prints Easter Gift bags | Polkadot Prints
It's only a few more days till the school Easter holidays, and we are ready for the break of the school routine. I wrote a little 'holiday activity' list yesterday to make sure we make the most of the days off together but also make some great memories. Love me a good list, I'm sure I'll share pics with you.

Today I am going to be using some of these Easter bags for some teacher gifts on the last day of school. Easter is definitely up there with Christmas when it comes to my favourite holiday celebrations. I've been eyeing off those foil wrapped eggs in the supermarket for weeks and I am glad I can validly purchase some to fill these bags! I think Levi's teachers will love them.

How do you celebrate Easter?

Easter bags available in my shop with 20% off this week only, but hurry only a few left! (code HAPPY20)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Polkadot Prints featured in Tickle the Imagination magazine I was really happy to receive an email in my inbox last month from Tanya of the beautiful Tickle the Imagination magazine. She asked to feature some of my work in their upcoming issue and we settled on a little Ice Cream bar 'how to'. I was so delighted to see it all prettied up in the flesh last week.

So many gorgeous ideas and talented people in this issue. Love the dessert feature and one very cute veggie patch party!
View the latest issue here. And why not make the most of the the last days of warm weather and host an ice cream party over the coming holidays! (yay to the school holidays : )

Ice Cream themed stationery & sundae stickers available in my shop. (Use HAPPY20 for 20% off this week!)

Monday, March 31, 2014


Polkadot Prints 20% off Stationery Sale When life throws a curve ball and there is a lot of change, I feel like I crave the familiar design work I do even more than usual. I think it's the sense of normal, the familiar, the 'I know how this works' that just feels good. There's been a whole new juggle when it comes to welcoming another newborn into our family, and I want to share on that more in a different post.

But, today is all about getting back into freelance work and re-opening my shop! What a privilege to be able to care for my kids and put something back into our family budget without leaving home. Truly, I love it.

So get excited! It's been about a year since I've had a sale, and so I thought nows a good a time as any! Back from 'maternity leave' and ready to start designing and creating personalised stationery for you again!

This week I am having 20% off my shop...on everything! That's right, invitations, birth announcements, custom stickers, even wedding stationery.
So spread the word, head on over (enter HAPPY20 at the checkout for the discount to apply)

Grab yourself a deal for the events coming up in your world over the next few months!
Happy party planning : )

Monday, March 17, 2014


Snuggles photo 140317_Lexie_zps107ad071.jpg We welcomed little Lexie Rose into our family late last month. It has been a bit of a whirlwind since then, so now, two weeks later, I'm actually officially letting you know. If you follow me on other social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook, you would have already heard, but nothing like making it all official like!

She was born rather quickly at home (no time for even the dr to arrive!) Due to some difficulties breathing because of retained fluid on her lungs from a rapid birth, she was transported to hospital just an hour or so after her birth and began a week long stay in ICU & special care. It was quite scary at the time not knowing what was going on, and being helpless to do anything for her. Very different to my two previous births which were also very quick, yet uneventful!

The days in hospital were long, and the nights...even longer, as after the first two nights, I was there alone. And after five nights, I had to be discharged which meant leaving our newborn baby alone at night - talk about heart breaking! How do mum's do this for weeks & months at a time with preemie babies? It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. We were so thankful she was full term, and otherwise healthy.

We are so thankful for my mum & dad, family & friends who helped out with the logistics of getting the right people to the hospital at the right time, looking after Levi & Ellie and for dropping around meals, gifts and most importantly, praying for our little Lexie.

And those nurses in both the NICU & Special care...they are a special breed.  I remember one day we just 'kangaroo hugged' our girl after she had another 'blue episode' and I was quite emotional. "Just let the hormones out" encouraged one nurse as she handed me tissues as I hugged and rocked Lexie. They are simply amazing!

So after such a rocky start, we are all home together again, getting use to being a family of five. It's going to be a few weeks of me on maternity leave this time round. I need some time to re-group with my little fam, get on top of having a newborn in the house again, and just give myself some TLC after a rough week or so.

Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to sharing more design & life with you soon!

P.S. You can sign up here to receive notice of when my stationery shop opens again in a couple of weeks. 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints
Last month, one of my very good friends hosted a baby sprinkle for another friend of ours, with a girls dessert night.
Despite bad weather predictions, it turned out to be a clear night in their backyard, and as darkness fell, the tea lights were lit, and it became such a beautiful atmosphere. A small handful of women, celebrating a new little life we were yet to meet. Gorgeous. Even thinking back on it, brings a smile to my face.
Liz did a fantastic job of creating this welcoming table. Knowing the guest of honour was having a boy, everything was in navy & grey with pops of yellow. I designed an invitation according to the style Liz was going with, and then designed matching place cards and a bunting.
I think you'll agree it looked beautiful! What a great setting for a night of great conversation, honouring our friend and celebrating this little life!
 Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints
Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints photo 140224_BabySprinkle03_zps541cd224.png
Have you thought of hosting a smaller intimate gather like this? What would you celebrate?
Outdoor Boy Baby Sprinkle | Stationery by Polkadot Prints
Styling by :: Liz Lenton
Photography :: Elise Horn
Stationery by :: Polkadot Prints find invitations here

Friday, February 21, 2014


Valentine's Love Stickers | Polkadot Prints I hit the 39 week mark this week! So ready for this baby to arrive. To find out if it's a boy or a girl. Decide on a name. And to stop feeling like I am a ticking time bomb with everyone on 'red alert' for when the time comes :).

With our possessions still not here from our move, I'll be operating on a fairly minimal baby basis for the first few weeks. One, I don't think babies really need that much in the early stages, and two I can't even remember what baby paraphernalia is in our container, so I don't really want to go out and buy stuff that I already have!
I have been collecting a little bit of baby love though here. Babies are so new and lovely....

Stay in touch here for the breaking news if you don't follow already. I'm sure I'll be posting there first.

Here are a few things I've come across this week that I thought you might enjoy:

:: Adjusting to the changes of blogging
:: I would so love a photo shoot like this with our family. Maybe at the Ekka this year?!
:: Make a labour pack for a friend

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love Jordan : )

P.S It's not too late to get your free "Love is..." wall print. Stay tuned for printed version of this in my shop really soon!

Image // Love stickers from our Valentines dinner by Polkadot Prints

Friday, February 14, 2014


 photo 140214_LoveIsWallPrint_zps2236d870.jpg
I'm planning to have our annual Valentines day dinner tonight, still a little up in the air on final menu and fun bits and pieces (you might remember our dinner on the floor & marshmallow slice from last year).

I didn't want to leave you without some love today, so I have designed something special for you. Because really, I love you - my readers, my customers, my design much love for your business and support!

This wall print is free for you to download, print & frame right here. It is an A3 dimensions, but can be shrunk to fit your preferred size. 

I hope you enjoy and it reminds you, even when it's not Valentines day, that love endures through all circumstances...don't we need reminding of that one sometimes.

Happy Valentines Day! : )

P.S Check out my previous valentines projects here, herehere & here.

Friday, February 7, 2014


It's in the midst of summer and still really hot (at least for this pregnant chick), so I'm really looking forward to at least looking at some snow over the coming weeks with these winter olympics happening. I love me some olympics tv viewing. I've downloaded this app ready to catch up on all my fave events too.
When we moved back from Canada, this teaser ad had just launched and it made me feel so darn patriotic. This is how those Aussie athletes train...Go Aussies! : )

P.S This was how we celebrated last winter games opening ceremony.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last month we celebrated our little Ellie's second birthday. She is such a spunky ray of sunshine and we love her dearly (of course!). I will share our casual birthday get together in the next week or so, but today I wanted to show you the invitations I designed for her as they are now up in the shop
Rainbow & Sunshine Invitation | by Jordan Bariesheff
You may have noticed I have changed my shop a little over the new year break too. I really love to have something tangible in my hand at the end of the day. And I have shared before about the tension I felt selling printables where I have no control of how my work turns out. So...
All my invitations and stationery suites (wedding stuff coming soon!) are now printed for you and shipped straight to your door ready for delivering. Good news right? No more fussing around getting those printables printed. By doing the printing for you, I can guarantee the quality and make sure your invitations are perfect for your event.

I'm really excited about it actually, as it means I get back to my graphic design-on-paper kind of roots. They are printed on really luxuriously heavy, uncoated card stock too, and I know you'll love them!

You can find these new Rainbow invitations as well as other new designs (as well as some old faithfuls!) in my shop hereRainbow & Sunshine Invitation | by Jordan Bariesheff Rainbow & Sunshine Invitation | by Jordan Bariesheff Rainbow & Sunshine Invitation | by Jordan Bariesheff

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I hope you've had a wonderful week! With the public holiday on Monday, my week has felt all out of whack. Are you the same? It's been first day of school for Levi this week too which has brought a whole new routine to adjust to (hello early mornings and packing lunches!).

But rewinding to Australia Day last weekend, I wanted to share a few fun photos from our day. We had a few families around for a day in the pool and a BBQ lunch. It was so lazy and relaxing and everyone had a grand old time. I've taken to making some pinata's lately so whipped up a surfboard filled with Cadbury treats for the occasion. (The first one I made was for Ellie's birthday earlier this month that I am yet to share with you).

It was pretty low key, but a last minute design idea I did up, were these little favour boxes for all the kids to take home the piƱata loot in. Finished off with a little Aussie flag from the reject shop!

Love this country. Love our culture. Love my friends & family!

P.S. I know I was late getting this invite in the shop for you to use for your own Australia Day parties, so I have made it into a wall print as well. You can purchase it here. Have your guests salivating with all those favourite Aussie foods! : ) 
Australia Day | Polkadot Prints  photo 140130_AusDayIMG_2554_zps9771b6c6.jpg Australia Day | Polkadot Prints Australia Day | Polkadot Prints Australia Day | Polkadot Prints photo 140130_AusDayIMG_2506_zps9e534ba1.jpg Australia Day | Polkadot Prints Australia Day | Polkadot Prints Australia Day | Polkadot Prints